Thursday, September 19, 2013

No Sleep

New work coming soon! 
This is for an article on sleep, insomnia, matresses, and fluffy pillows. I might have fallen asleep reading it and I am working on the color version right now. Not too happy with it yet.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Brand Statement

Hello, I am Andrea and I really love creating the look and feel of any project anyone is working on, by having many resources, staying on task, and coming up with ideas fast.

My boss trusted me to teach the summer art workshop classes in his gallery, when he went away on vacation, and I intern at a Costume Design Studio, saving the owner time and money by helping with any part of the construction of a garment. 
I am bilingual and a people person. I hardly give up and I am always looking for new projects. My teachers have always felt that they have done well and that I go past the requirements. My employers are excited to make me part of a team, and bring life back to work. I really like working with others, and being part of a larger picture. 

Here is my business card, could I have yours?
I will contact you soon.

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