Thursday, October 31, 2013

Interesting things

These illustrations go along some interesting facts! READ THEM!
they are all traditional with some touching up in Photoshop.

45% of adults eat lucky charms

200 thousand people in Beijing live underground because of air pollution

4000 fingers are severed by table saws annually, OUCH!
(this one is my favorite)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Teacher Assistant

These kinds of jobs keep coming up for me! I guess I am a good etcher, but don't want to be one in the future, maybe college. I have a new job on campus, teacher assistant. I help with a foundations drawing class.

All the students are freshman, and I really like giving them advice on the next four years of their lives. Sometimes younger students don't get how important the foundation drawing classes are, they are the building blocks, the base for any creative job. Most of the students are not in illustration, some are in interior design, automotive design, or advertising design, but all of these majors require drawing skills.
Although they are starting with basic and really... kind of boring still lifes, these create solid understanding of values, line quality, shape, texture, etc.

I help with two classes, mondays and thursdays. I get paid, so thats nice.... and its a nice refresher on the elements and principles of design.

Here are the elements of design, by John Lovett.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Painting in the 20s

These were done at a painting workshop based on the 20s! It was so much fun. The model was great and after a few quick poses, she held these two for 30 minutes. Definitely going back for more. Probably the fastest paintings I have done in a while, maybe ever. 

New technique

This is the finished piece to go along with the short story, Oubliette. The feeling is of doubtful indifference. She seems concerned but not too worried, her expression adds to the loneliness of the painting.

I used a new technique to get the scratches on the surface of the painting, with brush strokes of gesso and sand paper, painting and wiping off the surface over and over again. 


I just painted this yesterday ... from 3 till 10. Still have the background to do. It will be oils glazes, thats why I'm doing it last. Almost done! 

Dramatic lighting.  I keep wondering who will my models be after I graduate?

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Editorial painting

A lot of new work this year! Some painting in photoshop, which was frustrating to print correctly. Some traditional painting with acrylics on wood. And animation! What? Yes! I'm learning after effects. It's harder than I thought. This new time element is very different than what I am used to.

This piece was so fun! it goes along an article about sleep, insomnia, and mattresses. Made me fall asleep twice. But the art for it was fun to do. This guy is inside a pill, floating above some cloud like forms, while desperately trying to fall asleep.
This is a new piece I am working on. It goes along a story about a girl and her crazy mother. This was my favorite angle.

The final pencil drawing.

Sketched 3 possible backgrounds. Liked the scratch marks better. although the flowers would have been fun, but thats not what it is about. 

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