Thursday, May 31, 2012

Digital Painting

Digital painting. I though it was really hard at first. I was used to a canvas, paint, and some brushes. But times call for a change and I decided to take a class called "tradigital" (traditional aaand...... digital painting!) that led to advanced digital painting class, where I learned that I can basically collage with pictures and all kinds of digital brushes, patterns, etc. I know photoshop, but I have yet to learn all the other great software there is.
Here are some examples of my paintings.
We had to write a story for our paintings. I wrote about a queen, whose king had an affair with the servant girl. So the queen got rid of them and later turned younger. It was more complex and maybe a bit cliche, but the illustrations turned out better than I thought.
(The color is not quite right, something happened when I uploaded them, they are a bit too blue.)

 Servant Girl
 The potion
 The End.
I sold this one! I wish I knew who bought it. Even though it sold for 15 dollars, I was still very excited! it is the first time I sell something without help from anyone. or is it? did someones mom buy it? 
 My first digital self-portrait! it was fun. At the time I found myself thinking a lot about my childhood, I have dreamed of my old house almost every week for the last 6 six years. I feel like I have changed a lot, maybe I  let people influence me too much.  How does one stay true to oneself? Have I changed because I am more aware of the world? Remembering for me is like living again, I love to lay down and just think about things, present, past, or future.
 A triptych project was our last for tra-digital,  taught by Mark Moreno ( great teacher! 
This piece after I completed it in photoshop I printed it on wood! (thank you Lisa!) It looks so much better on wood. I have to take a picture of the 3rd one! 
 My first digital painting, I think I improved. this in 2010? not sure.


Portraiture is what got me into art! To finally be able to get a likeness with paint and a brush is what I had wanted for a few years now. I think I got it. Yet something in the back of head keeps putting me down because that is just technique and I have such a hard time with concept. What is my art work about? why do I paint? What could be so important to me that I must paint about it for an unknown period of time? Sometimes I'll think of something, but later I think it is too cheesy or too popular. Anyhow, here are some quick portraits I did 2 months ago.
These were all really fast, maybe 10 hrs each? I should start logging in my hrs. 

My dad! Rafael.
 My mom! Ana.
 My sister! Alexandra.
 My friend, Jessie.
 My friend, Mary.
 My friend Autumn.

Fibers, my minor.

Fibers is my minor, I have learned some cool stuff in the 2 classes I have taken so far. Really great teachers are ..... well really great teachers. I learned how to felt, work with Kozo ( a plant material, like wood, but flexible when heated in water.) and Pig gut.... I only touched it maybe twice, ugh it was too much for me. I would rather bathe in mud. The end results are really nice, but since one of favorite things about art is the process, this gut thing was not for me. I also learned about linoleum prints on fabric, a little dying, and embellishing. I absolutely loooove felt. You can do anything! 

Here it is! my love! I feel like royalty when I wear it.
 The collar was super hard to make.

 Printed fabric, I made a wall piece. I wish I chose different colors.
 The Kozo book! I made it my fashion design book. 

 I wish my drawings came to life so I could have that coat! :)


Here are some finished paintings I did at school. I only sold $15 at the end of year show, but had about nine oil paintings in the show. I sold a digital painting (cheap because I can print it many times.)  Summer just started again, I hope I get some commissions, I will be working at an art gallery again, so excited! its great to stay in touch with the creative side when out of school. That way I won't be totally lost when I go back to school, to my new major! Illustration. I am a little worried it might not be what I thought, but who knows? Illustration, Fine Art? same thing. 

Not sure if I posted a finished picture of this one? It is my sister. Her staring at the distance, cellphone in hand, sitting and waiting, tell an interesting story for any viewer to make up.
He was such a great model, I enjoyed painting him very much...but I wish I had more time, that white shirt had all kinds of colors on it.
 Mary! a friend who inspires me everyday. Here she is painting (she keeps the coolest sketchbook.) The light comes from behind and it is one my favorite things about this painting, apart from the toys on the floor. Despite all the things behind her, the energy it gives is very calm, with brownish tones and full sunlight. 
 Here is Randa! another great model! she is actually buying this painting, I wish she could have it sooner, I'll have to pick it up when I go back to school in September. I hope it doesn't get ruined in storage! Gosh they make such a big deal about keeping work looking good, and then totally ruin it when the show goes down. 
 I remember critique in class, people said I made her look younger. Hey?! I painted what I saw, and she is buying it. :) I love the hat, her red hair and lips, complement the green, and the shirt? it was just so fun to paint.
 Rick! This painting got me a commission! He was great to paint, I went kind of fast, but tried not to over work it. I even got some folds in  the fabric behind him. 
 I think I learned how to paint skin! yay! I had no clue there were so many colors there. I really had to focus,   really take the time to see, mix the paint, and try to match it up. You can tell the body ended up being more interesting, the face is not bad, but not as good as the rest. That is a mirror on the left by the way. 

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