Friday, June 17, 2011


Lately there is not much to blog about, I am at home in this tiny apartment where there is barely any space to work on anything. But pretty soon my family and I will move to a new house! I am so excited! : D My own room! which will be my painting, sewing, and everything studio! Can wait for new paintings and more.
So now I'll show you smaller drawings and watercolors I've been doing. Other older 3d works too.

My mom 2009. what it looks like now all finished.
 The Yamasaki garden at CCS

 Lots of faces
 book cover with left over paint
 View from dorm desk.
 Potato stamp tree!
 Maybe my new room will look  like this. I do have those chairs... $5 each at Goodwill! GO Goodwill!
 Sketch for a really large painting.

 "Cups" I made
 But you know those really pretty carved soaps you just don't want to use? That is how I feel about these cups.
 Glass plate! lot of fun to make.
 Makes pretty shadow!

 Well I didn't do this, my mom did. But I helped... its a pretty cool idea for displaying the chakras. (A must for    yogis.)
 Books I bound. yup all by myself. ^^

Thursday, June 2, 2011

First year at CCS

I learned so much at CCS, made great friends, and great art. These are some of the many pieces I did.

Stage 1 - It was easy and exciting to get started. A rough sketch and a few pictures.

 Stage 2 - Ok getting there, figure blocked in and the background? At this point I had absolutely no idea what  I would do, I got frustrated and started browsing through my collection of art magazines! Got inspired and........
 Tadaaa! This was so way very out of my comfort zone! I was pretty much beating up my canvas with paint and had a lot of fun.

 1st oil painting..... oils are not my favorite, because acrylics rule! but this turned out alright.
 1st digital painting.... and I can't wait for school to start again and post my next digital painting, and my next one, and the next one.... until I can say "Look at this! isn't it great"?
 In charcoal and it's called Extra Time for Special Occasions (thanks Nikki, I love that tittle)

 Photo Montage of my favorite quote!
 Photo Montage of me in an awesome dress!
 Made with wax and oil paint = Encaustic! so much fun.

 My all time favorite collage. I had a dream about this and decided to make it into art, these random people where standing at the end of this bridge and they were really happy and making noise, but I didn't understand why and was very confused because giant waves splashed on them. It reminds me of the Hokusai Wave!

Art from 2010

I dont have many pictures from this time, but I will look for more. during 2010 I was out of high school and really didn't know what I was going to do. But I did manage to create a couple things. 

Got a lot more pictures to add.

This painting here I finished a while back, and these are pictures of it almost done. 

 The face turned out exactly the same..... ok?
Decided to make The Kiss  3D.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Art from 2009

All of these pieces where part of the portfolio I submitted to the College for Creative Studies, my current school.  I believe they show progress and dedication.... well i guess you should see my first painting ever to really see progress. 

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