Thursday, June 2, 2011

First year at CCS

I learned so much at CCS, made great friends, and great art. These are some of the many pieces I did.

Stage 1 - It was easy and exciting to get started. A rough sketch and a few pictures.

 Stage 2 - Ok getting there, figure blocked in and the background? At this point I had absolutely no idea what  I would do, I got frustrated and started browsing through my collection of art magazines! Got inspired and........
 Tadaaa! This was so way very out of my comfort zone! I was pretty much beating up my canvas with paint and had a lot of fun.

 1st oil painting..... oils are not my favorite, because acrylics rule! but this turned out alright.
 1st digital painting.... and I can't wait for school to start again and post my next digital painting, and my next one, and the next one.... until I can say "Look at this! isn't it great"?
 In charcoal and it's called Extra Time for Special Occasions (thanks Nikki, I love that tittle)

 Photo Montage of my favorite quote!
 Photo Montage of me in an awesome dress!
 Made with wax and oil paint = Encaustic! so much fun.

 My all time favorite collage. I had a dream about this and decided to make it into art, these random people where standing at the end of this bridge and they were really happy and making noise, but I didn't understand why and was very confused because giant waves splashed on them. It reminds me of the Hokusai Wave!

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