Thursday, May 31, 2012


Portraiture is what got me into art! To finally be able to get a likeness with paint and a brush is what I had wanted for a few years now. I think I got it. Yet something in the back of head keeps putting me down because that is just technique and I have such a hard time with concept. What is my art work about? why do I paint? What could be so important to me that I must paint about it for an unknown period of time? Sometimes I'll think of something, but later I think it is too cheesy or too popular. Anyhow, here are some quick portraits I did 2 months ago.
These were all really fast, maybe 10 hrs each? I should start logging in my hrs. 

My dad! Rafael.
 My mom! Ana.
 My sister! Alexandra.
 My friend, Jessie.
 My friend, Mary.
 My friend Autumn.

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