Thursday, May 31, 2012

Digital Painting

Digital painting. I though it was really hard at first. I was used to a canvas, paint, and some brushes. But times call for a change and I decided to take a class called "tradigital" (traditional aaand...... digital painting!) that led to advanced digital painting class, where I learned that I can basically collage with pictures and all kinds of digital brushes, patterns, etc. I know photoshop, but I have yet to learn all the other great software there is.
Here are some examples of my paintings.
We had to write a story for our paintings. I wrote about a queen, whose king had an affair with the servant girl. So the queen got rid of them and later turned younger. It was more complex and maybe a bit cliche, but the illustrations turned out better than I thought.
(The color is not quite right, something happened when I uploaded them, they are a bit too blue.)

 Servant Girl
 The potion
 The End.
I sold this one! I wish I knew who bought it. Even though it sold for 15 dollars, I was still very excited! it is the first time I sell something without help from anyone. or is it? did someones mom buy it? 
 My first digital self-portrait! it was fun. At the time I found myself thinking a lot about my childhood, I have dreamed of my old house almost every week for the last 6 six years. I feel like I have changed a lot, maybe I  let people influence me too much.  How does one stay true to oneself? Have I changed because I am more aware of the world? Remembering for me is like living again, I love to lay down and just think about things, present, past, or future.
 A triptych project was our last for tra-digital,  taught by Mark Moreno ( great teacher! 
This piece after I completed it in photoshop I printed it on wood! (thank you Lisa!) It looks so much better on wood. I have to take a picture of the 3rd one! 
 My first digital painting, I think I improved. this in 2010? not sure.

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