Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fibers, my minor.

Fibers is my minor, I have learned some cool stuff in the 2 classes I have taken so far. Really great teachers are ..... well really great teachers. I learned how to felt, work with Kozo ( a plant material, like wood, but flexible when heated in water.) and Pig gut.... I only touched it maybe twice, ugh it was too much for me. I would rather bathe in mud. The end results are really nice, but since one of favorite things about art is the process, this gut thing was not for me. I also learned about linoleum prints on fabric, a little dying, and embellishing. I absolutely loooove felt. You can do anything! 

Here it is! my love! I feel like royalty when I wear it.
 The collar was super hard to make.

 Printed fabric, I made a wall piece. I wish I chose different colors.
 The Kozo book! I made it my fashion design book. 

 I wish my drawings came to life so I could have that coat! :)

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