Thursday, October 10, 2013

Editorial painting

A lot of new work this year! Some painting in photoshop, which was frustrating to print correctly. Some traditional painting with acrylics on wood. And animation! What? Yes! I'm learning after effects. It's harder than I thought. This new time element is very different than what I am used to.

This piece was so fun! it goes along an article about sleep, insomnia, and mattresses. Made me fall asleep twice. But the art for it was fun to do. This guy is inside a pill, floating above some cloud like forms, while desperately trying to fall asleep.
This is a new piece I am working on. It goes along a story about a girl and her crazy mother. This was my favorite angle.

The final pencil drawing.

Sketched 3 possible backgrounds. Liked the scratch marks better. although the flowers would have been fun, but thats not what it is about. 

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