Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Work! Always fun!

I got a new camera! So I took pictures of some of last semesters' work. All of my classes are good so far and seem to be looking for great concepts. I better get to work. The larger drawings are form my explosive color drawing class, which was amazing. 
This drawing is very big... don't remember the size. It is all in color pencil! and it was the longest drawing of my life so far.
 This one is mostly watercolor and some soft pastel. The shapes where all white and it was lit by Christmas lights.
 A pop up drawing! of a dream I had a loooong time ago. These blue and yellow stairs appeared on my backyard and someone, on the window it led up to, gave me a cellphone that could take me where I wanted.

           I painted this today! Jan 12, 2012. For my portrait painting class, with Nancy Mitter! I love her.
                                                      Figure painting class also with Nancy!

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